TAP Las Vegas – Vegas Masters

I don’t know about you, but we think finding out these little hidden nuggets that make each area unique is pivotal. Not only will learning about, and perhaps implementing some new ideas, help us appreciate each other as one big team, but we will be able to follow each other’s events and cheer each other on. Big thanks to Sam Rullo and Joyce Jones for sharing some of their traditions with us.

Today, we move west, to TAP Las Vegas. Cindy Chappell has been gracious enough to share their beloved Vegas Masters Championship Tournament Series with us.

Cindy says, “Players get very excited about competing in these annual events. They foster excellence because players have to earn the honor of competing. We have to schedule these events 7-8 months in advance because players schedule their vacation time around it.”

WOW. That’s commitment. And, you know TAP Las Vegas is holding an incredible event, as well as fulfilling their promises to their players, when the tournament series has to be scheduled that far ahead of time.

From the Vegas Masters event page:
“The Vegas Masters 8-Ball & 9-Ball State Championship & National Qualifier team and singles tournaments are where the best of the best come together to compete in the summer just before the TAP League Nationals.

Over $18,000 will be awarded during this tournament series in 2015! The top three 8-ball and first place 9-ball teams, along with our singles winners will be advancing to compete at TAP Nationals and stay and play at Opryland Resort in Nashville!

First place in 8-ball and 9-ball will be crowned State Champion. All four teams will win travel packages, entry into Nationals, an invitation to the exclusive TAP Welcome Party and a team trophy to sport at their host location!”

Check out the winners who’ve earned their spot to play at Nationals!
Thank you, Cindy, and TAP Las Vegas, for pushing to the top, making billiards a sport worth playing, and representing TAP in such a positive way. We are excited to see these winners in Nashville and congratulate them on their big accomplishment of making it to Nationals!

Check out TAP Las Vegas’ Vegas Masters Championship Tournament Series: http://taplasvegas.com/vegas_Masters2015.html.
And, while you’re at it, take a few minutes to peruse their area site. It’s chock full of information, is easily navigable, and feels inviting! Don’t reinvent the wheel, team! We are ONE, so bounce ideas off of each other and learn from each other!

As always, if you have events, photos, or traditions that you’d like to share with TAP, email Kimberly at kschonter.parham@tapleague.com. We’d love to spotlight you on the blog!



Tigerland TAP Junior League

Last week, we shared the Morgan Cup tradition from Sam Rullo, of Laurel Highlands TAP. This week, we’ll take you down to Louisiana, and to the Junior League, sponsored by Tigerland TAP (Ed Jackson and Joyce Jones) and the local Northwest LA Moose Lodge.

In March 2014, Tigerland TAP and the Moose Lodge got together with the current Junior League director, Derrell Thrash, and this amazing opportunity was created. Children and young adults, ages 9-20, have a place to feel at home, important, and encouraged. Each team must have one adult, which helps encourage parent/child participation. We need so much more of that, especially in a time where we (and our kids!) are so engulfed in technology!

The Junior League program offers 8 ball teams and 8 ball scotch doubles (for adult teams). Players have a safe place to enjoy their sport, while enjoying time with friends and family. There is no foul language, no alcohol, and the dress code requires modesty. Novel, don’t you think?

For fundraisers and donations, players in the adult league can challenge the juniors, Ed, or Joyce. Even the juniors can challenge the operators! Here are some photos of Ed with some junior competitors that sunk the 8 and left him for a loss!




Derrell Thrash, the Junior League program director, is a well-rounded, amazingly supportive guy, who really puts his all into the kids. Not only does he run this program, Derrell coaches wheelchair basketball, works with children who are in less fortunate situations, mentors young adults, and is working toward ministry ordainment. What a blessing to have Derrell give his time to this Junior League! And we are grateful that Tigerland TAP and the local Moose Lodge have been able to connect with such a giving human being.


The Junior League is now ringing in at about 20 members, including juniors and adults. Thank you, so much, Tigerland TAP, for giving your time to these kids, and for sharing this awesome tradition with us!

If you have a tradition, unique program, or events coming up in your area, please email Kimberly at kschonter.parham@tapleague.com, so we can share here!

The Morgan Cup Tradition

Happy Wednesday, TAP Fam!

We hope that your week has gotten off to a great start and that you’re rolling into Wednesday with steam! The middle of the week is a weird place, isn’t it? You’re not dragging with the Monday blues, anymore, but it sure as heck isn’t Friday!  We’ll pull through. We *always* do! Halfway there is better than Monday, and that’s something we can get behind.

Over the weekend, Kimberly did some recon on the quarterly Newsletter that Sam Rullo, of Laurel Highlands TAP, and TAP’s Director of Sales, produces. In her research, she discovered the Morgan Cup and found it notably worth sharing. How many of our leagues provide trophies or other prizes for Titleholder Tournaments? How much of the prize money goes into that? Could your players be winning more money if they weren’t getting a take-home souvenir?

Now, we’re not saying trophies and prizes aren’t awesome. We love them. Have you seen the prize tables at our nationwide events? But, this idea is novel and we’d love to share it with you!

In 2001, the year after Sam’s daughter, Morgan, was born, he realized that too much money was being spent on tournament trophies. He had the Morgan Cup (named for his baby girl) created, and started a a tradition with this traveling trophy! The team names are engraved on the Cup after each win (twice, yearly) and it stays at the bar until the next event.

The Morgan Cup had a base makeover in 2014 so it would be able to hold more team names, is always garnished with a bottle of champagne for the winners to celebrate, and it’s an amazing representation of TAP history!

Not only does the Morgan Cup represent 15 years of Laurel Highlands TAP champs, but it’s a pretty sweet reminder of this sweet little one, who is now FIFTEEN years old!

Thanks, Sam, for sharing this unique tradition! We love the idea of the Morgan Cup, and how it is a shared goal to reach at Laurel Highlands TAP! We would love to hear about your traditions, too! Send an email to our social media marketing guru, Kimberly, at kschonter.parham@tapleague.com. We can’t wait to share more unique TAP finds!

Social Media News!

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